Friday, March 22, 2013

Packed Up With Protein

A recent article in Eating Well magazine it is suggested that you eat thirty grams of protein per meal. My opinion: THAT IS INSANE!

Shaun Dreisbach blithely writes in his article “Feed Your Strength” that thirty grams of protein per meal is “equal to a three-egg omelet with ½ cup hard cheese”. Per meal? Twenty-one meals per week? That is 5.25 DOZEN eggs per weeks with another 5.25 POUNDS of cheese per week. I doubt if you would survive the first week.

He cites a study by Susan Kundrat from the University of Wisconsin for this recommendation. A quick search shows that the recommendation was for athletes in a structured program to increase lean muscle strength. The recommendation is for 20 to 30 grams, in supplement form, three to four hours during the day. Even at that level, you would have to be very careful of how much additional protein would stress your kidneys.

Dreisbach, Shaun; “Feed Your Strength” Eating Well, Volume XII, Number 2, April 2013; pp. 25

Kundrat, Susan; “Packing Protein”, Training and Conditioning;; September 2012

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